I’m sitting in front of our picture window on this frigid Wednesday morning thinking I should look for my sunglasses and wishing for a napkin as milk dribbles down my chin from eating my cereal. Yes, it’s a little late to be eating breakfast, but I had an early dentist appointment where I had 2 cavities filled. The first cavities in years, forgetting what Novocaine does to your smile. You get the picture.

As I laid in the chair, blood rushing to my head because I was tilted back for the dentist to get both fists in my mouth, I wondered what I should do while I waited for my mouth to numb.

And the Lord was faithful, by the work of the Holy Spirit, to remind me to pray. Praying is not so much placing your order to a short order cook, rather it is talking and listening to someone you know. I prayed for the salvation of the dentist and all the office workers, I thanked Him for another day, even though it meant having a crooked smile, thankful for no pain and still healthy set of choppers. I thanked Him for a sunny day, even though our temps are hovering around 10. I prayed for my kids and husband as he shepherds the Lafayette flock. I also prayed for the Syracuse Planned Parenthood, they do abortions today, I prayed they would go out of business.

So much to say and not enough time. Thankful God always hears me and loves me so much He wants to hear from me.

I am also praying today that President Obama’s policies would be characterized by the Bible and the teachings of Christ. You can find the prayer list for our President here.  (1 Timothy 2:1-4)