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Taking a Stand

They had a fight.

Harsh words were hurled at the heart to bring stabbing pain. When the fight was over, they retreated to their respective corners to lick their wounds and justify their actions. Would satan win this round in a marriage that was trying to keep God at the center of their marriage? Would a choice be made to honor God and attend a long planned event or would they stay home and feel sorry for themselves? A choice to stand against the devil was in the making. (any couple living on any street)

Marriage between one man and one woman is under attack from many forces. From the evening news and the shows that follow it to our local, state and federal government, it seems the biblical definition of marriage is becoming extinct. I do not fear what man may do to me, I care about the opinion of ONE. That said, my adversary, the devil is on the prowl when it comes to my marriage. And there are days he seems to be nipping at my heals because we want to honor God in our marriage and we want to speak the truth from the pulpit and the pew. I respect my husband/pastor for preaching the Word of God day in and day out, Sunday after Sunday for the past 30+ years.(He began preaching in college)

…and the devil hates that.

I think of the movie, The Ghost and The DarknessA story of lions hunting and killing men then eating them. Gross, I know. But isn’t that the picture in 1 Peter 5:8? The devil is my enemy and he will do what it takes to destroy me and my marriage.

Today, which I am living to the glory of God, because I am not promised tomorrow, (Matthew 6:34) I will not let the devil devour me. I will stand alone on the Word of God

 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes… Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm…Ephesians 6:10-18

These articles are a must read if we want to keep our heads out of the sand and engage our culture.

Asinine, ignorant, unfair journalism-

 Christians and other traditional marriage supporters need to understand that the public space for supporting marriage is shrinking. Such views are not even allowed at the table of rational discourse. Denny Burk

What Someone Needs to Say

It’s about what is coming in our future. At some point (and many points actually), Christians need to simply take it on the chin, not back down, affirm the truth, put in a good word for Jesus, and keep on smiling. Kevin DeYoung

How to respond to marginalization, intimidation, and criminalization of biblical Christianity. We are facing marginalization in the culture for our faith. How are we going to respond? John Piper’s response to what biblical Christianity is facing. Watch the video here.

Friends, the day is coming or may already be here, where we will have to take our stand against the evil around us. Is God’s Word True or not? Will I be swayed by the culture around me or will I take my stand?


  1. Elaine W. Miller

    Amen! Jody!!! We must take a stand. what’s next? Well, a new Geiko commercial has a beautiful woman yearning to be kissed by her boyfriend, who happens to be a pig. The enemy is so subtle and so blatant. Praying for our children who see this warped view of love and marriage.

  2. Terri

    Hey, I love the new format! It actually loads easier on my computer too. Wonderful encouragement today. I need to remember this and I think satan would love it if ministry couple marriages fell apart even more!

    Thanks, Jody!

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