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Getting ready to begin the book The Insanity of God-A True Story of Faith Resurrected and remembered I had began this post. The question posed on the back of the book…

Will you follow Jesus even when it doesn’t make sense?

Can’t wait to get started, but better finish this first.

The cold, snowy days of winter have given me opportunity to spend time with friends in my mom cave. Our conversations have revolved around the rough draft of a new book with a missionary just returned after 8 years in South America, two of those years in the jungle. We spent several hours pouring over what she had written with the goal of making God famous. I also sat across from a friend who is seeking  to know God. She has been a believer for only a few years and God has inclined her heart to His testimonies in a big way. She is reading through the Bible one book at a time. I asked her how she does that?

I sit down and read. And I pray as I read. It takes me a long time to get through one book because I go back and re-read until I know what is being said. I struggle with the same distractions, but I want to know God by reading His Word.

Not her words exactly, but you get the idea. I asked a friend over coffee this past weekend if she was going to teach/lead women’s Bible studies forever? It’s better than the alternative isn’t it? She said if I”m not in God’s Word everyday you don’t want to meet up with the woman I would be without God’s Word.

And this from an email I received recently…

 the women in our group it seems that everyone wants to delve deeper into the Word through inductive Bible study. I began this Bible study because I needed to be in the Word and needed accountability and fellowship with other believers.The women in this group have a desire to continue in God’s Word and in fellowship.

I am at a loss for words except to praise God for working in the lives of  these women. They have met God in His Word and are forever changed…and they want more of God.

They know they cannot just read a verse here and there to understand all they need for life and godliness. Knowing Someone, having a personal relationship with Someone takes time, spending time day in and day out with Someone is the only way to Know Someone. What are you doing today to Know Him?

Local readers watch the LAC bulletin, web site and weekly email updates for upcoming opportunities to Know Him.


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  1. Elaine W. Miller

    Love reading how God is working in the lives and hearts of women. Let us long for Him forever.

    Blessings, friend,

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