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photo (5)I woke up this morning very early thinking about Norman. Well, early for me. Eyes wide open at 5:15 and couldn’t go back to sleep. Norman is the gal on the left, most of you know her as Lauren. Kelsey is her sister. Kelsey is the one who keeps us laughing and enjoying every minute of life. I took a picture of Lauren before we headed out the door for school, but I took it so quickly and she wasn’t too excited about having it taken at 7:30 in the morning. This one of her and Kelsey is perfect.





Baby K is now five years old and in kindergarten this fall. He is the little boy I babysat for four years and the brother of Lauren’s best friend Carolyn. They spend a lot of time together and have been like sisters since we moved here ten years ago. When Kirk was little he couldn’t pronounce Lauren, most of the time it sounded like Norman. And the nick name has stuck, with me anyway.

photo (2)They spent Saturday together picking and carving pumpkins.

Over the past few blogging years I have written about Justin as a soldier going to Iraq, Hannah as a world traveler and Kelsey going to Italy and her success in volleyball. Much hasn’t been written about Lauren. I don’t recall writing about the age difference. Not that it’s important that the world know the ‘why’ of the age difference. Part of the explanation is a miscarriage after Kelsey. I wanted to have three kids and have them before I was thirty. With Kelsey born in 1999 I reached my goal. God had other plans as baby Lauren was born when I was thirty-seven.

photo (6)They are great friends as he makes every effort to go to her volleyball games and spend time with her.

photo (4)

Hannah is one of Lauren’s  example as Hannah follows her dreams…and Lauren wears the clothes she left behind.

My early morning thoughts of Lauren began with the realization I had not written much about her. She is basically an only child, although we do our best to not parent her as an only child. My parenting is definitely different as I am an older mother than when I was wrangling the older three with only 4 1/2 years separating them. I find myself not “sweating the small stuff”, something I wished I’d learned years ago. Lauren is the joy of my heart as are all my children, but she brings sweetness and charm to our almost empty nest. Yes, there are days Norman gets on my last nerve, what teen doesn’t?

But, today God woke me up to remember this child of my ‘older’ age, a present from Him and a delight in my life.


  1. lauren gates

    Awww I love you mom!!!

  2. david

    Lauren is great! I think I would like to call her Lauren too 🙂 Thanks for sharing this post.

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