Would you pray for me tomorrow while I attempt to decide the path my life should take?

A simple question to which I said, yes of course I will pray for you. The details were not given, but I prayed all day for this friend. I was burdened most of the day and I didn’t know why this particular prayer request was weighing me down like a rock around me neck. So I prayed. (1 Thessalonians 5:17) An answer came that day as several friends labored in prayer. God’s hand was at work as He turned the heart as  He wished. (Proverbs 21:1) This friend surrendered the painful circumstances of her life to God who she knew would answer. Prayer and surrender go hand in hand. God wants my heart every second of every day. Am I willing to surrender to what God wants? Or do I hold on tightly to my desires thinking that hanging on will alleviate pain? Monday afternoon I received another request for prayer via a text message.

Help! I need prayer to speak the truth in love. Will you pray I have the mind of God and the courage to follow through?

I love how friends ask me to pray, because when I get a request I do pray. Pray I did and left it with the Lord, not knowing, and even having less faith that God would answer within 24 hours, just speaking truth. And answer He did. The text message time is almost to the hour when I received a message that

Hallelujah, God is mighty. God has answered.

Again, no details, but the fact God does hear and answer. Answering by turning hearts to Him. Pray on friends, God hears!!