coffee and bible





Let’s have coffee while we look into God’s Word.

Introduction Spring in the northeast was ending with the stifling heat and humidity of summer around the corner. I was pondering my summer reading list when I sensed the Lord saying…(He doesn’t speak apart from His Word…but you know what I mean)…to shelve all my books for the summer, which would not be an easy task because I like to inhale books during the lazy, hazy days of summer.  I was urged to study Psalm 119. I wanted to know God better. I wanted to love God more. So began my journey beginning with a piece of paper and my Bible, with no commentaries or Bible study notes in sight. I studied each section, asking questions as I pored over each verse.  Yes, scores of books and commentaries have been written on this longest chapter in the Bible. Who am I to think I could come up with new information? My goal was not to study and learn so I could teach others but a desire for the summer of 2010 to know God in a more intimate way. He had spoken to men and women in the past regarding this great Psalm, He would speak to me. He did not fail me, nor will He ever fail to give me everything I need for life and godliness. In that summer, I found God is all I need and now I share it with you. In sharing it with you, I will make my own observations and notes and end the post with a brief study you can use as your own devotion. I would love to from you. I began by reading the entire Psalm in one sitting and getting a general perspective of what the Psalmist was saying and what God was saying to the Psalmist. I listed twenty, there may be more, ways to walk in God’s Word. 

  • obey/love
  • meditate
  • remember
  • keep
  • not forget
  • eyes focused
  • pursue

are just a few of thew ways to follow and obey God’s Word.

  1. List the ways to walk in God’s Word.
  2. How does this Psalm reflect God?

 How happy are those whose way is blameless, who live according to the Lord’s instruction. Psalm 119:1

Are you happy?