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Freaky Friday

It isn’t exactly freaky today, but I can’t find any synonyms for miscellaneous or random that rhyme with Friday…you know like my miscellaneous monday posts?!


Do you know about the uninviting of Louie Giglio to pray at the inauguration? We need to keep informed of what’s going on in our culture.

This is Russel Moore’s post about the same issue. 

Am I bringing Rivers of Living Waters to my neighbors?

Do you know I”m never too busy? I hear this often

I’m sure you’re very busy.

I know with some people it is their way of being polite, not wanting to interrupt if I’m in the middle of something, which I appreciate.

I want you all to know I am never too busy for the people God puts in my path each day. Is my agenda really more important than a phone call, or email, text, or chat over coffee or lunch, or praying for you? I am never too busy to walk, talk, listen, pray with you.

One of my goals for 2013 is to be more available today for the invasion of God in my life in whatever form that may take. I am making this a top pursuit because, frankly, I’m almost out of the job I’ve done for 27 years. November 9, 1985 I took the plunge to devote myself to my husband and then to the children He would give us. It was our decision together for me to stay home with them, working at home. To stay home and not work outside the home was our choice, so this isn’t a post about the pros and cons of either side of the apron. Just sayin I have worked myself out of a job…well almost, but I look to the future with some fear and trepidation because the culture around me says

now what

And I know I have written about this subject before but it is a struggle I am facing today sharing with you, letting you know I am not too busy for you.

I am also encouraged by the  goTandem Bible verse and questions texted to me yesterday.

Your word is a lamp to my guide my feet and a light for my path. (Psalm 119:105)

How far in front of us does a lamp cast its light? What does this say about God’s guidance in our lives?

Light is not cast very far in front when walking. So I’m choosing to walk God’s path today and not worry about tomorrow.

Surrendering my everyday ordinary life to God as an offering (Katie Brazelton)





  1. Debbie

    It is amazing to me to see what God brings into my life as He has guided me these last several years since the last one left our nest in NY to make his way in FL. I did not dream that God would direct us back to our roots and the care-taking of my grandfather. Yet God has confirmed our decision in so many ways and while life is a slower pace (not so many frantic mornings!), we know that God does not leave us idle on a shelf. His work continues for those who desire to follow Him.

  2. Terri

    I’m coming to the end of my “job” too, Jody. I often think ahead and am beginning to pray and see what God has in store for me.

  3. lee bodah

    I have been through the place you are in now and am going through the end of a 65
    year marriage and am approaching “old age”
    I am hanging on to the thought that I will,
    through His grace, hang on. I am praying the
    prayer of Jabez and will see where that takes me.

  4. Naomi Field

    How reassuring, Jody, to know that you feel this way. I would just like to add that, as a “homemaker” myself, I echo your willingness to help when I am able. Of course, my husband, Michael, come first. If my 2 sons or Michael’s children needed me, they are next, and pretty much on a even level – my parents.

    If I can be of help, I welcome the opportunity! Prayerfully, as we settle into our new life, there will be more flexibility 🙂

    Thank you for your service, Jody, and for your support and prayers. We are blessed as a church family.

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