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Fierce Women Book Review

A beautiful Friday, sunny with fluffy clouds dotting the sky. Heading to the deck this weekend to read this book again. Have any of read it? I would love to hear what you think of it. Happy Friday.

Reading Fierce Women twice in the span of two weeks has got to be a first. I felt like the author was sitting on my deck, coffee cup in hand encouraging me to be a soft warrior and not an aggressive fierce woman. As the author says “Fierceness can become an asset or a detriment in marriage. She admits fierceness became a source of conflict in her marriage.”

As I began reading, not able to put the book down I realized I had been not been the soft warrior addressed so well in this book. Kimberly weaves her own story through the pages with transparency and authenticity writing it because of the destruction taking place in her own marriage. “Lord, change him,” was her prayer. She didn’t realize that ingratitude, pride and fear were leading her down a “lonely, cruel path.”

Fierceness is

“grabbing onto the hem of God’s will, not letting go; not ugly, raw aggression.”

God’s glory is the purpose of marriage and Kimberly has given women a tool to pursue that purpose. With honesty and humility her story is told as God brings her to her knees in a cabin in the woods.

I appreciated her chapter on There’s No One Else Like My Man! Stating emphatically that men and women are different, which is a good thing. The line has been blurred in our culture today and she explains well how that came to be and how we as women of God can encourage our men to be MEN. I also enjoyed the chapter What’s The Big Deal About Marriage Anyway? Explaining God’s intention for marriage.

Kimberly does comment several times in the book that bad marriages don’t just happen, nor are they the fault of just the wife. This book written to women is Christ-centered and full of the Word of God, the only place where answers to all of life can be found. Honesty and humility are the foundation of getting back onto the path of glorifying God in your marriage along with the Word of God lighting our path.


  1. Terri

    Sounds like a very good book, Jody! I received an Amazon gift card recently and think I’ll add this one to my list!

  2. Judy

    I need to get this……I have the coffee cup in hand. Amazon here I come:-)

  3. Courtney Floyd

    that’s a great excerpt! i agree with the above..worth the read, either way 🙂 thanks for passing it along!

  4. Elaine W. Miller

    Sounds like a powerful book! I love that women are commenting in hopes of receiving a copy. May many seek God for their marriages.

    Hugs, friend. Keep up your work glorifying God in all your life.


  5. Judy Livingston

    We should never stop working on a better marriage.

  6. Stephanie

    Wow! This sounds like a great book & topic. I am intrigued so even if I don’t win the book give away, I’ll definitely be adding this to my to read list. Thank you.

  7. Debbie

    I ordered & received this book just last week. And your review is accurate in what this book’s author conveys. Women our age have grown up with the prevailing attitudes of ME FIRST, and/or how to manipulate our husbands. It is not enough to say that we know about our sin nature as a result of the fall. This book shows us as women how that original sin has had a domino effect. This is not the next best how to book on training your husband, but how to be the wife and woman God has design us to be. I have not finished this book yet, but I am “finding myself” in the truth of Kimberly Wagner’s words.

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