This morning, feeling like it’s Monday and not Tuesday,  I was going through my journal where I write down…everything. Sermon notes, quotes I want to remember, calorie intake, how long I exercise each day, bills to be paid, dinner ideas, prayers…you name it, it’s in there.

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I came across some questions I was supposed to write about for an early 2013 blog post about 2012. These are not original with me, I found them here.

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I’m not going to answer all these questions today, but will start with

1. Books that have impacted me.

I have read Follow Me by David Platt three times. You can read about it here. The Secrets of An Unlikely Convert is another book that struck a chord this year. The story of a pastor and his wife embracing a woman they didn’t know, but lovingly embraced her. 

2. Huge prayers I saw answered.

Well, it’s confession time. Over a month ago, one of our daughter’s cars bit the dust. With her living a couple hours from us, it has been a struggle to help her find another one within the budget we gave her. Can I say frustration…big time. Now, this isn’t a issue compared to the tragedies of Moore, Oklahoma or the bad news we hear about in the news. But being without a car that gets her to a job is a big deal. I prayed and prayed, everyday, that God would provide a car…no answer. Looking, waiting and praying. I confess I was discouraged.

God, you know she needs a car…why won’t you answer? You see the need…why do we have to wait? why won’t you drop one out of the sky?

I was very discouraged one night last week when I said, it doesn’t look like we’re getting an answer anytime soon, there’s no car anywhere, blame Obama who took good cars off the road several years ago with an incentive to buy a brand new car if you turn in yours to be…crushed. Shortly after I had a little hissy fit…in a nice way of course…our daughter called to say she had found a car she was going to look at…and she bought it. Within minutes of saying a car isn’t going to drop out of the sky, it did. I still say cars are a necessary evil. 🙂

3. Best gadgets I want to buy.

photo (2)This isn’t a gadget, but a cookbook that goes straight to my heart when it comes to cooking. I love cooking from scratch, when time allows. This is a new cookbook, which I haven’t bought yet, I’m taking advantage of our local library copy to decide if I want to purchase it. She tells her story throughout the book…her husband died suddenly and without notice almost two years ago. She weaves her grief and healing throughout the recipes. Her web site is In Jennie’s Kitchen.

I’m also looking for a flat wire whip. Haven’t found it yet.

I think I’ve rambled enough for today. I want to leave you with this last link from Justin Taylor.  John Stott is being asked the question

When do you feel most alive?

I loved his answers. Make sure you click on the link to watch the short video.