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Fact Is!!!

Going through my site statistics from January, I found this post was one that was read the most. A re-post for today since my brain seems to be hibernating on this lazy summer day. Original date was February. A friend recently said,
People have believed 'untrue nice things about me.'
I remember staring at her, thinking 'what in the world do you mean?' But we all do it don't we. We believe or assume nice things about people that are not true.(What follows has not necessarily been said about me.) I don't have anyone specifically in mind...
  • Clean and new must have your act together
  • Pastor's must have your act together.
  • 2 cars in the must have your act together.
  • Beautiful and stylish must have your act together.
  • No trouble in your must have your act together.
  • Money in the must have your act together.
  • Great must have your act together.
  • Looking good sitting in the church must have your act together.
Fact is, some of the first statements may be true, the second is not. I don't have my act together, I am a mess. It is only because of what Jesus Christ did. He took/takes my mess, saving me by His grace through faith, nothing in myself gets my act together. I am His workmanship...(Ephesians 2:1-10) Fact is, when I was a mess, dead in my sins and helpless, God rescued me by allowing His Son to die for me, even when I was not righteous. (Romans 5:6-8) Fact is, I am a mess, but I  am dressed in the blood of Jesus Christ, making me new and clean. I am beautiful in God's sight because of Jesus.
 "God does not justify us because we are worthy--but by justifying us makes us worthy." Thomas Watson

4 thoughts on “Fact Is!!!

  1. Amen! Preach it Sister!! I shared this with a co-worker, friend, and precious sister in Christ. Thank you for the reminder of who we really are in Christ and where our true worth comes from.

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