Months ago I came across Titus 2 Tuesday blog posts. Inspired to do the same thing I set out to make a list of my own questions. Women who have encouraged me to be a radical follower of Jesus. Radical in the sense they love God with all the heart, mind and soul and their neighbor as themselves. They are ordinary women who love and serve an Extraordinary God. Women I want to be like so the Word of God will not be dishonored. Titus 2:5

I ask about coffee or tea and vanilla or chocolate to find out who I will be drinking coffee and eating chocolate cake with!!

I wanted a catchy title other than God’s Women, so I asked a friend for help and she said

what is something that defines us? Maybe not where we’re from but where we’re going?

I always love the analogy of following Jesus so closely that you get the dust of your shepherd on you. Following in the footsteps of your Shepherd.  So you could call us Dusty Women.

I have known Kathy since we came to Lafayette. I came to know her much better when I sat with her husband Joe while she was in surgery having a mastectomy, and then shortly after that surgery, another mastectomy. Yes, she had breast cancer. As I write, I can hear her saying

This is what God taught me during my breast cancer or her testimony of God being with her through all of it.

Kathy is a friend I’ve had quite a few adventures with, but this is her story not mine, so I will let her tell it.

Describe yourself in 5-7 words

Child of the King, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, care-giver, friend

Kathy, how did you become a Christian?

My son Joey, was used by God to draw me and my husband to Himself. With Joey being a real handful and my husband on the road driving truck, I felt like a single mother. Through my job, I met a wonderful Christian woman who prayed for me then invited me to her church. I remember the first Sunday I was to go not wanting to get up. Not wanting to let the devil win, I went to church. The following Sunday my husband went and we both wanted what the people at the Church had. We gave our hearts to Christ that weekend.  I felt like a new person and I was and am a new person in Christ. I am truly thankful to God everyday with my mission in life to look like Jesus.

What does God’s Word mean to you?

God’s Word amazes me! As I walk along my path being a Christian, God’s Word becomes more precious. During my struggles I remember Philippians 4:13; Romans 8:28. Wow, I was called according to His purpose. When I was going through my breast cancer I remember the Lord giving me His wonderful grace to face everything. I knew I was never alone and He took away my fears. It is a wonderful feeling knowing His grace and I know His grace will someday lead me home.

What does the Church, the body of believers, mean to you?

Every time I am with my Church family, I feel love and acceptance. Fellowship with other Christians brings me great joy. I am the crazy lady asking people after church, “What are you doing for lunch?” I also know the body of Christ will always be with me like a warm blanket covering me with love and prayer.

What do you enjoy about being a wife? Mother? Grandmother?

I was married at 19. I know now I didn’t know what real love was. The Lord blessed me with a caring and loving man. He has seen me at my worst and still loves me. I know this by the way he takes care of me when I’m sick. I enjoy the companionship we share. There are times I will think about something and he will say, “I was just thinking about that!” I enjoy most of all is the caring and love we share even if it is just watching TV together. I am glad we are together as in the early years, it was the Lord who kept us together. As a mother I enjoy the bond and love I have with my three adult children. I enjoy the love they have for me as well, even though they can break my heart at times. I love EVERYTHING about being a grandmother. I love spending time with them. I could spend all day on the floor playing with them. Of course, there is nothing feels better than the love they give back.

Do you drink coffee or tea?

I drink black coffee with an ice-cube. I like my coffee strong!(me too) There’s nothing worse than a wimpy cup of coffee.

Do you prefer vanilla or chocolate?

I usually will get chocolate, but I can be swayed if I can get french vanilla. My favorite indulgence is milk chocolate candy. DOVE brand is the best!