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Woodchucks and Going Barefoot

This is one of my favorite posts written two years ago. We have been married almost 28  years and have known each other since 1980. As different as we are God brought us together to glorify Him in marriage…to show us that we are two sinners that need the gospel for our marriage every single day. Who do you think prefers to go barefoot?
I’ve asked my dear hubby several times over the years how we ever got together?  Always wearing shoes or going barefoot  was the cause for the question again recently. You can tell me who you think loves to go barefoot!
This is a short list of our differences.  None of them have ever been a deal breaker…because of our common love of Jesus and our service to Him. As he was preaching today I thought I am the luckiest girl in the world…he is the best. Lest you think it has been easy…that will have to wait for another post.
He makes me laugh most days…
In fact he said to me over the weekend he wonders what our family of woodchucks do when they scamper under our shed when we pull in the driveway.
Do they chat? do they get together and talk about the humans living in the big white house? and proceeded to ask me if I wondered about them too.
Note to husband…you should probably watch what you say to me, some conversations just may end up here!
I also heard the word ‘wedded bliss’ this week. I just want to be married were her exact words.  Not sure if I spelled it right and not sure what wedded bliss looks like but I knew what she meant.
As this list shows our many differences and working them out together, I would say wedded bliss means dying to self and seeking first God’s Kingdom.
City Boy-Farm Girl
White Bread-100 % Wheat Bread
Plain Cheeseburger-Big Mac
Box Brownies-Homemade Chocolate Cake
Inside Reading in a recliner -Outside Reading sitting in deck furniture
Turn Heat Up-Turn Heat Down
Always has shoes on-Loves to go barefoot


  1. Elaine W. Miller

    I love going barefoot too! We should get together for a romp in the meadow someday, my friend. I looked at your list and saw similarities too. You both like to read, eat chocolate, eat meat, pay attention to your feet, and love Jesus. What more could be to wedded bliss?

    Blessings on your marriage, my friend. Thank you for your example of wedded bliss. Ha. Both barefeet and shoes cause blisters!

  2. Jody

    Hey Jane thanks for stopping by. I remember riding the big yellow school bus together up and down the hills of Iowa. Great memories.

  3. Jody

    Hey sister, Rob reads the ads for Target and Best Buy and I read the rest!

  4. JaneMarie E. Cave

    Funny Girl!!! Interesting that the only times I can think of you wearing shoes you were actively playing and excelling in some sport. If my memory serves me correctly you did actually go barefoot to school walking uphill both ways barefooted through the heavy Iowa blizzards. From my mown grass high height you always did look like you were up hill too.

  5. Janet

    Hey Sista! You can add to that list: turn up the heat/air, turn down the heat/air. I was just telling Mikes mom how Mike reads the comics and sports from the Des Moines sunday paper and I read everything except the sports and comics. Funny how opposites attract. Love ya. Janet

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