Intersecting Life and Faith

Hannah M.

Twenty five years ago(this August) Hannah’s life was saved for the first time.

On our way to Family Camp in Nebraska, we were in a head-on collision which resulted in me having to be cut out of the car. I was five months pregnant. Rushed to a small town hospital, we were two hours from home, no heart beat could be found of a very shaken up baby. Off in the ambulance I was taken to our own hospital where a heart beat was finally detected. It would be four more months of waiting to see how Hannah had endured the accident. Her arrival on December 9 was uneventful until the doctor yelled at me to stop pushing during a contraction as I yelled back, “what are you doing?” He said, “saving your baby’s life”…the cord was wrapped around her neck…her life saved a second time.

Why all this talk about Hannah?

On a Tuesday morning that feels like a Monday, I am a bag of mixed emotions. I know God has a plan for her life and whatever and wherever she goes God goes with her. I know He will pursue her and love her like any loving Father does. I’m excited for her…

…but have a lump in my throat the size of NY as she begins her latest adventure at 6AM tomorrow. This mother does not want to be a wet blanket on the dreams of the four children God has given her. With sound counsel and advice from her father and I, she takes off very far from us. You can read all about it here for the next three months.  Her first post, Something More, tells where she is going and why. 

I love this picture of Hannah on the left and Lauren on the right, taken during apple picking season several years ago.

downloadGod be with you Hannah as you “learn and develop an understanding for things bigger than you.”(quote by Hannah from her first blog post)


  1. Jody

    Thank you Shelley for that reminder.

  2. Shelley

    I am so excited for Hannah…I know that as a mom it is nerve wracking, but as I thought about this I scrolled up my screen and saw you subtitle…”Believing Life is too short to play it safe.” And so your daughter believes this too!! God is with her….trust in that.

  3. Judy

    Oh sister, I have never heard the tale of her arrival….. But am grateful always for her. Will be praying for for her and YOU.

  4. kathy grabowski

    I will be praying for you. it is never easy having a mother’s heart. talk to you, kathy

  5. Luanne

    I know it must be a little scary for you, but you have raised a beautiful and intelligent girl and I am sure she will do just fine! It will be fun to read her adventures!

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