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You’re Moving Where?

3. A beautiful woman loves her children.

older women likewise…are to train the younger women to love their children…

This series on The Beautiful Woman will eventually have 31 points. I wasn’t going to write about this one until much later in the series…

…but one of the children I love moved this weekend and it seems to be all I can think about right now. A couple weeks ago I asked Justin

You’re moving where?

I can’t imagine loving Justin, Hannah, Kelsey and Lauren more than I do today. I will admit it has not always been easy being a courageous parent. Nor will I say you better enjoy your children while they are small because time does fly by so fast. Those statements are true, but there are days when you’re changing what seems a million diapers while trying to get dinner on the table and not be in your  pajamas when your husband walks in the door. We had days or was it months of raising teens that we wanted to put in a barrel and put the lid on it for a few days years. And there are days when you think your children have hired you to be their full time taxi driver. Love comes in many forms.

Be encouraged young mom, do what you believe God has called you to do, do it well to the glory of God and leave the rest with him. Someday, great will be your reward.

Late Friday afternoon Justin packed his jeep and left for North Dakota to begin a new job today. A week or so ago when we knew this move was definite I had a very brief discussion with Rob…

Me: Justin will probably move west and never move back to New York.

Rob: Well that’s what we did. I(Rob) left Arizona and never moved back and you(Jody) left Iowa and never moved back.

Me: Oh!

Seems I’ve had a lot of practice in letting this one go. His year long stint in Iraq was a long lesson in letting go, of loosening my hold on the children God gave me.

We have loved and raised our children to be independent, some may say too independent. But we’ve never wanted them to not do something because we might be sad or upset. We wanted them to have the freedom to live their own lives and not base their dreams on what will Mom and Dad say. We have had many conversations on the phone, over dinner or coffee and while driving in the car over the years about their dreams and plans.  (Deuteronomy 6:5-9) We have parented, encouraged and prayed they would follow what they believe God wants them to do and then they do it.

I would be lying if I said there haven’t been tears since Justin pulled out of the driveway on Friday. But I love him so much that I will never let those tears hinder the life God has planned for him and the girls.

At least he’s still in the same country.


  1. Debbie

    Have you ever been to North Dakota? My children have taken me places I have never been before. And yes this means emotionally as well as physically. We have very wise husbands. I remember well those same words from my husband as he counseled me while the tears flowed. But God’s grace and love is abundant and He does not leave in our muddled mess of emotions.

  2. Luanne

    Very nice Jody, God has them all in His hands. Wait until he has 7 of your grandchildren and lives 3,000 miles away, That is really hard. My grandkids have never seen my home for Thanksgiving or Christmas, that kind of makes me sad
    🙁 Will he be able to come home for Christma or is that just too soon?

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