“Well, that’s just your opinion”

said my high school English teacher after she had read my senior research paper on abortion. I had done my research, written till my hand cramped, and drawn my conclusions. According to this definition I was entitled to my opinion. Not so said she, who was also my principal…I wanted to graduate in a few months, so I didn’t argue, took the lower grade, but never changed my stance on abortion…it’s murder.

Anyway, not the point of this post, writing is. I wrote throughout college, in class and out, keeping daily journals scribbled in shorthand so no one else would know what I was writing. Writing took a hiatus as I married and became a mother, but not for long as I began to put random thoughts, prayers and dreams on scrap paper, napkins, whatever was within reach I could write on. Those journals are in a box somewhere. I’m still deciding if I should keep them or light a match to them.

Four years ago I put away my pen and paper and began blogging. Initially, I wasn’t going to let this blogging thing get the better of me. I had tried earlier that year and walked away from my computer moaning that I couldn’t figure out Blogger.  Labor Day weekend I tried again and haven’t looked back except for a couple of breaks when my brain needed a rest.

As I celebrate another year of my blogging mantra to saturate your heart, mind and soul in God’s Word, loving Him and your neighbor as yourself, I want to encourage my blogging/writing friends with a few links I’ve read that have helped me as I press on to write for God’s glory.

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