My pursuit of God and studying to the glory of God came after I pursued other relationships. Primarily with one boy who was becoming a man after God’s own heart right before my eyes. I remember sitting on the decorative cement benches when “couples” were permitted to be together. The rules were quite conservative, aka strict. The young men and women who had declared themselves couples could sit together for lunch, study together during a few hours in the afternoon and evening then back to our own dorms by 11 pm.

One conversation will never be forgotten…will you marry me was the question I was asked twice by my husband. I said yes as a college sophomore and four years later, but the ups and downs of college life changed my mind. I was an immature, selfish girl who wanted Rob to spend all his free time with me, giving me his undivided attention. ┬áRemember, I was in hot pursuit…and he was pursuing God.

God had other plans for me as Rob and I graduated from college with our B.A. degrees, I didn’t get that MRS. We both look back on those four years with gratitude and fondness because God brought us together.

But for now we were going our separate ways. I had dated other guys, including some I knew were the wrong guys. I was determined to be the center of someone’s world!

Only God could bring a farm girl and city boy back together.

He was headed back to Phoenix, AZ.

I was headed back to the farm where God would…

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