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Why I Tell The World

I wrote this post earlier this year but am re-posting in honor of my upcoming blogging anniversary on Friday.
I blog for several reasons…
  •  I love to write. Writing it down for the whole world to see wasn’t what I had in mind, but when it enters the blogosphere, that is the risk I take. I wrote in journals for 20+ years before I began my blog. Those journals are stowed away in a safe place with a disclaimer on top if I happen to go to heaven unexpectedly. Journals and blogs are very personal, but I also want them to be my spiritual heritage handed down to my family when I am gone.
  • I want to communicate to the women of our church, my extended family who live in other states.
  • I want to encourage you to love God and pursue Him.
  • I want to encourage you my reader in your pursuit of our Great God. There so much sadness in our world that would distract and interrupt our love for God and our desire to follow him with all our hearts, mind and soul.
  • I want you to know the God I love and serve. If you don’t know Him I’d love to tell you about Him.  My only encouragement comes from God who talks to me every time I open His Word.

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  1. Elaine W. Miller

    Keep loving Jesus and writing about Him and the marvelous works He has done. It is wonderful that Christians have this blogging vehicle to reach the world for Christ.

    Hugs, friend,

    Elaine W. Miller

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