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Walking Through the Fire

Over the weekend I watched a funeral service of Ezra Blaize Kline. Rebekah, his mommy, laid him down for his nap happy,walking  back into his nursery a little later to find her worst nightmare  had come true. Little Ezra Blaize Kline who was seven weeks old apparently died of SIDS.

Loving the God who takes your child is a short you-tube video where both parents talk about their son at his funeral. God gave and will continue to give them the grace they need as they face the coming days without their little baby. Sorrow, sadness, grief are now close companions of this family…but their ultimate and closed companion is their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

As I write this post, Give Me Jesus by Fernando Ortega is playing on Pandora along with, Perfect Peace by Laura Story, two themes of the message that Rebekah and Justin Kline want to convey as they buried their son.

I share this because of the impact it had on me personally when I watched the entire service late into the night last weekend. I could not tear myself away from the screen as these two God-loving parents and family entrusted the soul of their baby and their own souls to the God who had called little Ezra to Himself.

The theme of this blog and my life is to love God with all my heart, mind and soul and my neighbor as myself and to glorify God in everything I do everyday. This service showed me it is possible to do that even in deepest grief and sorrow. I’m not wishing this tragedy or something like it on myself or any one for that matter, but I know if and when I do face the fire of unexpected tragedy, God who loves me and you more than you will ever know will be there to walk with me/you through the fire and it will NOT overtake us.

I will be with you
when you pass through the waters,
and when you pass through the rivers,
they will not overwhelm you.
You will not be scorched
when you walk through the fire,
and the flame will not burn you. Isaiah 43:2


  1. Mary Westerfield

    I just lost my 3 month grandson to SIDS. He was the only one I had. As the days add us, it has now been 37 days, i feel I am getting farther away from his smell, his everything. He was my only grandchild. I know God knows best for all of us and I trust Him. It still hurts so bad. I miss little Zion Gabriel so much.

  2. Debra S Kline

    Dear Jody, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lovingkindness and for what I believe to be, the most “important time” in the life of Ezra Blaize Kline… being safe, in the Arms of The One Who Created him, giving him breath and life and purpose here on earth as we ought to know it, a very short and finite period of time. And then, According to His Righteous and Sovereign Will Purposefully called Ezra to Himself.Ezra Blaize is my grand baby boy. My Joy is in The Lord and He teaches my soul, that ALL things are well. True Joy has always been in praying for each of our grand children, Ezra makes five thus far. After his birth, I was able to go, as I have for each one of our grand babies and share in the love and care for Ezra and his sisters Eliza Jobi and Jersie Cruz. Ezra’s death has helped me to more fully understand many things, most importantly, Ezra’s short life time with us, testifies to Gods Truth and His Promises given to us, in His Word. There is most assuredly a Perfect Peace, that only He can Provide and because The Lord God Almighty is Faithful and Trust Worthy, He is Ministering Amazing Grace and He is Delivering each one of us, out of the dark sorrow, loneliness and pain, into His light of True Comfort, Compassion, Peace and Pure Joy. Praise be to God, my duty and privilege to pray for Ezra Blaize, the “most important”, has been answered and accomplished. I Thank God ,that Ezra Blaize’s short time has opened my eyes to understand more clearly, the preciousness of this given life here on earth and the greater emphasis on the life yet to come, forever more. Because of Jesus Christ and His Love, Ezra Blaize Kline, lives. And as his mommy, so beautifully reminds us, “Ezra Blaize is Worshipping The Lord, every day, he is Worshipping Him!” Jody, little Ezra shares your heart’s desire for this life and the life which is to come. O may we all come to share in this, that we would, “Love The Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul ( I enjoyed every minute of the consistent sweetness of this little one )and with all thy strength.” ( Ezra Blaize had amazing determination to lift his little head and hold it surprisingly…as if to say ” grandma, in The Name of Jesus, I can lift up my head to The One Who Is To Be Exalted, for He Is Worthy of All Praise, All Honour and All Glory.” Please,Teach us O Lord, the importance to ‘number our days’ Mother of Justin and Grandma of Ezra Blaize.

  3. Jesse Kline

    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, Jody. I am Justin Kline’s brother Jesse. Yes, what you have said is being confirmed in their lives. One thing that has stuck with me that my brother taught me was that any emptiness that we experience in our hearts needs to be filled with Jesus. Granted, for them, the hole in their hearts is larger than many of us will ever know. But I can still apply it to my life, for there are forbidden things of this world that I did not take part in when I had the chance, and after I took some steps in the right direction, I have been tempted to look back as if I had missed something. But now I see more clearly that I need not waste my time on what is incomplete, falling apart, and passing away. I need to take hold of Christ and be enthralled with thoughts of Him everyday. Every time I wish I could have boasted in the flesh like the world, I should redirect my thoughts toward boasting in Jesus all day long.

  4. Terri

    My heart goes out to them. Dan preached on something like this on Sunday. Can we still love God when things go bad? When a loved one dies? When finances are horrid? When bad things happen?

    Thank you for sharing, Jody.

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