Psalm 119:9-16

Purity and the Word of God cannot be strangers. I can have a pure heart and mind enabling me to love God by keeping God’s Word. v.9

  • Do I seek God’s commands with all my heart?  *Seek = to practice, study, follow, apply
  • What is my treasure? Is God’s Word my treasure?
  • What am I *storing up? cf. Luke 2:19
  • Do I fix my gaze on family, career, cars, clothes, vacations? or do I delight and rejoice in God’s decrees and precepts? v. 14-16

Being intentional in the intake of God’s Word  takes  discipline, ooooohhh I hate that D word, and planning. A million years ago, okay not that many, I was the young mother of three children 5 and under. When did I have time to deliberately read and study God’s Word?  In the midst of kids, work at home or away, and the endless activities of the home where exactly do I find time to make God’s Word my treasure?

In the words of Deuteronomy 6:1-9 and with the conveniences of today’s technology it is easier to make the living Word of God at the center of everything we do:

  • Read God’s Word before you read anything else…newspaper, email, FB, Pinterest…this is easier said than done so…
  • Use your smartphone, Ipad, Kindle or Nook to listen to God’s Word while you get ready for the day and as you fall asleep at night.
  • Before you head to FB or Pinterest read the Bible on your computer or keep your Bible close to your computer reading God’s Word first.
  • Listen to God’s Word as you exercise.
  • Read the statutes of God before that favorite novel.
  • Listen to the precepts of God as you get meals ready or clean.
  • Keep your Bible in your purse, on the coffee table or on the night stand.

I could go on but won’t.

Lord help me to mediate on your statutes so I may not forget your Word.


*Blue Letter Bible