Dug out this book to read again, here are a few quotes that were helpful to me. 

I am reading The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes and taking part of the conversation at Challies.com.
We are half way through the book and have found some very thought-provoking and helpful quotes. This book is a puritan classic on my recommended reading list. Here are some of the quotes:

He(Christ)is a good physician good at all diseases, especially binding up of a broken heart. He died that he might heal our souls with a plaster of his own blood, and by that death save us, which we were the procurers of ourselves, by our own sin.

God often delights to take advantage of our averseness, that he may manifest his work the more clearly and that all the glory of the work may be his, as all the strength is his.

We are weak, but we are his, we are deformed, but we carry his image upon us.