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Reading God’s Word

There are many great reasons to read the Bible, God’s Word to man. Ultimately, for this pilgrim, it is to know God better so I may love Him more.

Reading through the Bible, most days, finding one or two passages that speak to me causing me to read more and study further asking the Lord to reveal to me what He wants me to know about Him.

From the Old Testament…

Samuel replied, Don’t be afraid. Even though you have committed all this evil, don’t turn away from following the Lord. Instead, worship the Lord with all your heart. Don’t turn away to worthless things that can’t profit or deliver you; they are worthless. The Lord will not abandon His people He has determined to make you His own people. As for me, I vow I will not sin agains the Lord by ceasing to pray for you. I will teach you the good and right way. Above all, fear the Lord and worship Him faithfully with all your heart; consider the great thing He has done for you. –1 Samuel 12:20-24

Samuel is addressing the covenant people of God telling them God will not deal with them according to their wicked deeds, but will extend his grace and mercy for His Great Name. The thread of redemption and saving grace begins in the OT with Genesis and ends with Revelation. Samuel prays for them to serve God with all their heart.

And from the New Testatment…

He instructed them to take nothing for the road except a walking stick; no bread, no traveling bag, no money in their belts. They were to wear sandals, but not put on an extra shirt. –Mark 6:8-9

It shouldn’t take much to follow Jesus and proclaim His Name. The disciples were to trust in God for their daily bread and provisions and from the people who would hear their message and repent.

The B-I-B-L-E yes that’s the book for me. I stand ALONE on the Word of  God the


What are you reading today?

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  1. Lori Odle

    Reading a book right now based on Luke and the hospitality of Christ, called A Meal with Jesus. VERY GOOD! I love how Jesus’ stories come to life and are applicable to how we invite others into our homes. We don’t do it enough.

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