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Rambling on Thursday

Looking at my Reading Registers you will not see much fiction listed. Not that I don’t read fiction, I don’t list it unless it has struck a chord with me. What does that mean exactly? ‘struck a chord’. Here’s one answer.

Last week an Amazon box was delivered to our front door. Small enough to contain a book.

Did you order something, Rob and I asked each other?

No, but it was addressed to me. I opened it to find a book wrapped in bright blue paper with a note from a good friend sending me a book she thought I would like to read.

I know you are a reader, and thought of you, so I sent you a book.

So sweet of her to take the time and cost to send me Not in The Heart by Chris Fabry who is an award-winning author and radio personality on Moody Radio.

Not in The Heart is a well-written page turner. I began a few days ago and finished last night. This book did strike a chord with me because it is a messy story of redemption. There is no ‘christian girl meets the single pastor, get married and live happily ever after with three kids in tow’ kind of story.

The drama unfolds in this story line of a husband/father estranged from his wife and kids and a son in the hospital who needs a heart transplant.  Truman has traipsed all over the world as a famous journalist getting the latest news only to find his career brings no lasting fulfillment. What is left is an estranged wife, young adult children who no longer trust or respect him and a man on death row facing his last days on earth, unless Truman can find the truth.

A convicted killer, a journalist deeply in debt from gambling, a son who needs a heart and a wife who no longer knows her husband are the main players in this drama. I will be passing this one on to whomever speaks up first…locally that is!!

I don’t read much fiction except in the summer, when life has slowed down and my brain needs a rest from the ‘serious stuff’ I like to read. I liked this one so well I’m on the hunt to find his other books. Maybe I can find them for free somewhere!! Public library or on an e-reader.

Which reminds me. I don’t pay for many of the books I read. I find them

  • at my public library and church library
  • GOSPEL e-books where they have a link for free downloads for Kindle
  • Ereader News Today where you will find books for your Kindle, all genres
  • loaned books from friends
  • and gifts

And thankfully my Kindle was a gift, no cost there.

I know some of you are thinking

How does she find time to read?

I’ve been a reader since I can remember beginning with Nancy Drew and The Boxcar Children who I wanted to live with. Highschool and college I didn’t read except what was required. As a young wife and mother I read my Bible first along with a devotional and over the years have chosen to read rather than other activities. Today, you will find me with my nose in a book after the work is done. There’s nothing on tv, I’m not a crafter or like to sew, and we have minimal yard work. Therefore, I read!

Although, not this afternoon, I’m off to the kitchen to make Chocolate Chip Cookies for hubby and child.

Happy Thursday.


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  1. judy

    I love to read! I will check this out;-)

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