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Praying for Newtown, CT

I woke up this windy and cloudy Lord’s Day the same way I went to bed, thinking and praying for those who are inconsolable this morning. There are no words to explain the horrific events of Friday, December 14 at 9:30AM. I am at a loss, but God and His eternal Word are never at a loss for the answer to the black cloud of grief ┬áhanging over Newtown, CT.

Dear Jesus,

I pray for the parents of those who lost children and for the loved ones of the teachers and staff who died protecting children. May you be their kind Shepherd in the days to come, leading them in lush green pastures of peace and comfort as they lay their children to rest. Jesus, may you renew their life, leading them along the right path for Your Name’s sake. As they go through the darkest valley of their lives may they fear nothing, no danger, FOR YOU ARE WITH THEM. Comfort them with Your rod and Your Staff.

Jesus, anoint their heads with oil so their cup will overflow. May only goodness and faithful love pursue them all the days of their life, and may they dwell in the house of the Lord as long as they live. AMEN


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  1. cheryl diaz

    Jody… this is a most beautiful prayer!! I say AMEN to it too.

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