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No Time for Golf

As Father’s Day approaches I wanted to remind you of my friend Jack, not his real name. I sat next to him in church several weeks ago with 3 teenage boys sitting next to him, friends of his son. They are quite active but were never disrespectful…from where I was sitting anyway. I was inspired by him once again, my friend Jack.

Jack(not his real name) came to our church several years ago. A quiet unassuming man, but such a joyful, friendly guy. He works at a local school, where he met a young man who desperately needed a father. Larry(not his real name) was the child of a single mom who did not take very good care of her young son. Jack befriended Larry spending time with him, inviting him to his home, treating him like a son who needed a father-figure in his life.
Long story…here is the short of it…
Jack, who has never been married and is approaching retirement, adopted young Larry. The change that has been seen in Larry because of one man who decided to make a difference in the life of one person has been dramatic. Larry now looks you in the eye when he speaks to you, he shakes your hand and always has a smile for you. Last week he spent a week away at the same church camp Lauren was at.
When we as parents picked up our children last weekend Jack was there to pick up Larry. Tears came out of no where as I saw them embrace with a big hug and bigger smile. They had been apart for a week and were so glad to be together again.
Jack is one of my heroes. He could have spent his retirement years golfing and drinking coffee at McDonald’s. Instead he will be raising a teenage boy who needed a hug, a smile and a father.


  1. judy gates

    What a wonderful story. I would love to meet this man one day.

  2. Michelle

    One of my favorites!

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