Psalm 119:33-40

  • Do I sincerely believe all wisdom comes from God or do I add in snippets of what Oprah or Ellen have to say? Do I run to the advice of others before I go to God? vss. 33-35
  • What has my undivided attention? Computer, Facebook, new clothes, cares of this world? We do live in a world God created and has given to us to enjoy. Do I love the created or the Creator?

May I pray with the psalmist…

  • teach me the meaning of Your Statutes Lord
  • fill me with Your Spirit so I will always keep Your Testimonies
  • help me Lord to understand Your Instruction
  • O Lord, may I take pleasure in the path You have set before me, helping me to stay on the path You have set before me.

Longing for your decrees, O God give me Your heart. vss. 33-40