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Living on the Edge

My Saturday morning reverie was broken when I read about Jay and Katrina who perished doing what God had called them to do. Not sure perish is the right word to use because they were followers of Jesus Christ who were not wasting their lives by living the American dream of a big house, 2 cars in the garage and 2.5 kids in the nursery. They were serving God in Zambia. Please read about them before you finish reading my ramblings.

I had just sat down to enjoy my morning coffee with the summer breeze blowing. It was early Saturday morning and the day ahead was full of getting ready for a birthday party and fathers day the following afternoon. Reading my Bible then onto a couple of favorite blogs I came across Jay and Katrina’s story. Jesus calls each of his disciples to leave everything and follow him. Isn’t that what the disciples did when Jesus called the 12? They left paying jobs, they left fathers in the boat,  probably wives and children, they left everything to follow someone who would eventually die for them. They would become fishers of men.

As I finished reading this story God spoke volumes to me in the silence of a summer morning.

If He called me to Himself that very day, would I be found doing what He wanted me to do? Or would I be found distracted by the world and all it’s allure?

The desire of my heart every single day is to be found following Jesus wherever that may take me. I so want to live ‘on the edge of life’. I don’t want to live the status quo of a typical American family living for themselves. I want to be a radical follower of Jesus Christ wherever that may take me or whomever God calls me to love. Whether that means taking care of the family He has given me or loving my neighbor and those we’ve been called to love in ministry.

Give God All You’ve God is a recent message from injured and paralysed Steve Saint, he lives on the edge which I’m sure he learned from his father Nate Saint along with Jim Elliot, two of the missionaries killed by Auca Indians when their plane landed among them many years ago.

I am adding a letter from an international worker friend of mine whose brother died recently and very suddenly. Another reminder that God has not promised me tomorrow…

There were several things my brother planned to do when he returned from his
2-week deployment to Japan with the Navy Reserves.  1. Get a haircut.  2.
Have an updated portrait taken in his dress uniform with his new rank of Lt.
Cmdr.  3.  Put the Land Rover back together that lay in pieces in the
garage.  And so on.  He had no idea that his plans would be changed.  That
he would die suddenly from a massive heart attack at age 40 leaving a young
family behind.  Other than a few cryptic comments during his last week,
there was no indication that he wasn’t feeling well or had any unusual
health issues going on.

In a moment his plans were changed.  I doubt if he saw it coming, but I know
that he was ready.  When he moved to S. Carolina last year he got involved
in a solid church.  After years of serving in spiritually dry place with the
Navy he got plugged in and started growing in his faith again.  We draw
great comfort from knowing that we will see him in heaven

I’m not trying to be a debbie downer on this first day of summer, but God continues to remind me to acknowledge Him in all my ways, especially a summer morning.


  1. judy gates

    Thank you for sharing this moving story…..real life examples of following the call to the finish line. A needed reminder! xo

  2. Terri

    Thanks for that reminder, Jody. I get distracted quite often and forget why Dan & I are here. I can get so busy with my “own” life and plans that I forget that I’m supposed to be serving Jesus through my service to “others.” Thank you.

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