The long weekend is over, boooooooooooo! This was more like a mini vacation I said to my husband this afternoon. My last day of work last week was Wednesday, so I’ve been basking, or “marinating” as my daughters say, in the sun since then. The days were filled with leisure…aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! My idea of leisure is not having to get up and run somewhere and be to an appointment or meeting or go anywhere. I said to Rob this afternoon…you need to do something with your hair…he said…have you looked in the mirror? Leisure!!!!!!!!

Barbecuing several days, planting flowers, trying out new recipes, exercising in the cool of an early summer night. I know it isn’t summer yet, technically.

So where was I?

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about me and my college days at a very special Bible college in southern Iowa. I truly loved the Lord and most days it was a thrill to be studying the Bible and the other various classes that consumed my time. I loved being in college, loved the friends who were wanting to follow God with all their hearts as well. But I was also floundering trying to discern what in the world God wanted me to do? Why wouldn’t He just write it in the sky? or better yet in my journal? Then I would know exactly what He wanted.

Rob had moved home to Phoenix, AZ and I was back on the family farm in the middle of Iowa. We had not spoke for many months leading up to our college graduation day with no goodbyes said ¬†as our families packed our cars to take us in separate directions. I’m sorry to report the last words that had probably passed between us were about calling off our engagement and the awkward glances that would pass between us until our last day. I had just successfully completed four years of college, graduation was over. A great day in my life was shadowed by the fact I would probably never see my best friend again.

In fact, Hannah and I had some great discussions this weekend about marriage, boyfriends, etc. I suggested she be friends first with any potential “boyfriend”.

Anyway, the one who knew me best, encouraged me when I needed a lift, and challenged me when I told him I was quitting school…the greatest friend ever, except for the Lord, of course, was walking away with his family and someone else on his arm.

I spent the summer filling out applications and sending out resume’s. I began a full time job in the fall spending my free time at church or in ministry. I knew I was “dating” guys that I would never marry, so the hot pursuit of boys and marriage was over, giving myself wholly to God.

All the time wondering what had happened to my best friend.