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I Said Yes

I heard the question…

Will you marry me?

and was quite stunned that he would have the audacity to propose to me over the phone 500 miles away…not really, I’m not sure what audacity even means!

Truthfully, I didn’ t hesitate to say YES I will marry you. We were engaged…again. In fact as I write this post, it came to me that he proposed on June 5, so 27 years ago and 5 days we became engaged. I was saying yes to being a wife but also yes to the life of a pastor’s wife, which I didn’t give much thought to, I just wanted to be Rob’s wife. The reality and privilege of being a pastor’s wife would hit much later.

We set the date for November 9, 1985…he wanted to get married that summer. He had no idea there is some planning that goes into a wedding. We were young and in love so we didn’t give much thought to November in the Midwest, I was thinking of my dad the farmer, hoping he would be out of the field by then. He wasn’t and there was an ice storm on our wedding day.

Fast forward 26+ years to this weekend where I was so proud and humbled at the man of God my husband has become. I am proud to be called his wife as he led our elder and governing board these past years in looking for the man of God who would pastor our young people. The conversation began shortly after we moved to Lafayette…nine years ago regarding the hiring of a youth pastor. Two + years ago we began the search in earnest.

We are praising God this weekend that we have hired a pastor to our youth who loves God and His Word and will teach, lead and disciple the young people of Lafayette Alliance. He and his wife are a God centered and Christ loving couple who will come along side our youth to encourage them to be all God intends them to be today, not when they become adults.

This post is dedicated to the same type of people we are PRIVILEGED to pastor. God’s Word is central in their lives and they love Jesus supremely and their neighbor just as much. There are no strangers once you walk in our church.

I am a proud pastor’s wife tonight, not because we’ve hired more staff. God gave me the husband he knew I would need the day I said yes, I will be your wife. The journey has not always been easy and I’m sure there will be days to come that will not be easy, but God brought us together, has kept us together and will keep us together until we are parted by death

I would say yes again.

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  1. judy

    You inspire me daily sis! Xo

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