I Need a Chaffueur & Book Winner

Never a dull moment with the Gates clan. I Need A Shepherd was written in the wee hours of Tuesday morning as Hannah sat in the ER of Albany Med., her dad was at district meetings and I was home alone trying to decide what to do. The last contact I had with Hannah was she would probably have surgery...that was 4AM. By 9AM Tuesday morning two friends had encouraged and helped me decide as they wondered why I was still in Lafayette?' An hour later I was on the road just as Hannah was moved out of recovery to a room. This afternoon I see signs of the old Hannah peeking through the covers while she rests on the couch. To say the least it was an adventure for me as I navigated downtown Albany with her manual transmission car, at one point saying out loud, "Lord, help me find the the hospital" because I was lost..within seconds I was back to where I had started and five minutes later pulled into the parking garage. Coincidence? I think not. Most of you know I am a farm girl raised on a country gravel road that never involved big city driving. I took God at His Word this week...ask anything in my Name, because those couple of days I not only needed a shepherd but a Chauffeur.   Jean Palmer is the winner of We All Married Idiots.   

2 thoughts on “I Need a Chaffueur & Book Winner

  1. Love it. GOD is absolutely full of surprises. Always the best kind too. Who knew a farm girl could drive stick in the city. Ha. Grateful you are all home and she is getting better. Xo

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