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Happy Birthday Kelsey

Midnight is around the corner but wanted to be the first one to wish my third born a Happy Birthday.

21 years ago Kelsey was causing me a lot of pain. It was a Saturday morning when labor began. Since she was my third baby I thought I knew when to head to the hospital. The drive to our closest hospital was 45 minutes so when contractions were 5 minutes a part I clamored into the car…that’s what you do when you’re nine months pregnant, nothing is done very fast.

Mam…you’re having false labor…maybe you should walk as much as possible. We headed home, 45 minutes away and I did a lot of walking. ¬†While I walked Rob performed a wedding after which we went back to the hospital to be

told go home, take some Tylenol and have a hot bath.

Ummmm…did I hear you right miss nurse?

Before I went home to do as I was told I stopped to pick up our two young children who were staying with Grandma Daisy…a dear friend from church who said,

‘honey we’re going to get that baby out tonight’

and proceeded to give me a couple of spoonfuls of castor oil. Blleeccchhhh!!

Two hours later I was in labor again, we headed to the hospital and Kelsey Leann was born just as the dr. was putting on his gown and the nurse that told me to go home had to help with the delivery.

I have always been able to count on Kelsey to keep me smiling and laughing. Her journey hasn’t always been easy…whose has? If you know her father who is 6’6″, she has inherited his height and didn’t really feel comfortable being the tallest kid in her class until she started playing volleyball.

When I think of this dear daughter I think of dependability, responsible, vivacious, inspiring, hard working. She can be very stubborn too…which isn’t always a bad thing…remember how long it took for her to come into the world?

Whether spending time with her younger sister, hanging out with her older siblings, helping in Children’s Church or working as a nanny for several families over the past year or planning a party, she lights the way.

Our favorite things to do together are shopping at Target, discussing recipes we’ve seen on Pinterest, texting or cooking together.

Happy Birthday Kelsey, praying for God’s very best in your life, may He give you many, many years!!

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  1. Terri

    Happy Birthday to Kelsey!

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