Psalm 119:41-48

Keeping God’s Word frees me to be what God designed me to be. God’s salvation and forgiveness gives me freedom from sin and the guilt it produces. I am free to glorify God as He designed me to do. Following God does not keep me bound in chains.

Not only am I free I have hope when I follow God’s rules…

…for my hope is in your rules. v.42

…for your rules are good. v. 39

  1. Has salvation come to me as promised? Do I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? v. 41
  2. Do I trust God’s Word to produce answers for those who taunt and insult me? Verse 42;  Psalm 27:11
  3. Can I say with the author of this psalm how much I love God’s commands and not be ashamed of the Word of God? v. 47  Psalm 28:2

What is your story of trusting God’s Word and how He rescued you from sin and guilt?

There is no other way to find freedom and hope.