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Giving the Bigger Cookie

Best laid plans usually go awry. Even simple summer plans of heading to the regional market for fresh vegetables and flowers.

When the car of the friend I was with overheated, we had to stop driving and pull into a shop to have it looked at. Stranded at the mall we began shopping…what else is there to do at the mall? After a phone call relaying the news of what was wrong and how long it would take, three hours, we decided to walk somewhere for lunch. As we rounded the corner to leave, another mutual friend was rounding the same corner…coincidence? I say not.

God’s providence brought her just in time to save us from walking a couple of miles in the heat of the day. We were more than willing to walk, but God knew it would be too much and provided sweet relief.

God has a way of doing that just when we need it.

To be brutally honest, whatever that means…I’ve struggled this summer regarding friendships with women, there I said it. And for my sweet friends reading this, it’s not you…

…it’s me God is changing for my good and His glory.

Wherever I’ve lived over the past 27 years I have thrown myself into serving the Lord with gladness and joy, to loving those we are ministering with and to. I put down roots loving with all my heart.  I’ve also had to learn that

no love of the natural heart is safe unless the human heart has been satisfied by God first. –Oswald Chambers

I have spent these summer months renewing the joy the Lord brings when I find my strength and satisfaction in Him, my heart trusts in Him. Psalm 28:7

No one can be your Jesus, except Jesus.

Only One saves us.

Only One defines us.

Only One completes us.

Only One truly lays down His life for us. –Marian Jordan

Sweet friendship was also realized today as I spent seven hours with a sweet woman who ‘gave me the bigger cookie’, realizing all our friendships, past, present and future are meant to glorify God.

The plans of buying  flowers and vegetables will wait for another day…but God’s plans were better as He brought women who love Him together in sweet harmony.



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  1. Chris Buff

    It is great to have friend like that, thanks for sharing, always enjoy reading your blog. xoxo Glad you got a cookie and a ride 🙂

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