In the midst diapers, dishes and making dinner for the umpteenth time why must I glorify God? I no longer change diapers,  but the routine of day in day out eating, drinking or whatever I am doing(1 Corinthians 10:31)can become very regular and ordinary.

Why must I glorify God when I have changed the bedsheets three times in one afternoon because my child has been sick? Why must I bring glory to God when my teenager totals the van we just paid off?

In the good, bad and mostly routine of life we must glorify God

Why must we glorify God?

  • Because he gives us our being.
  • Because God has made all things for his own glory.
  • Because the glory of God has intrinsic value and excellence; it transcends the thoughts of men, and the tongues of angels.
  • Creatures below us, and above us, bring glory to God; and do we think to sit rent free? Shall everything glorify God but man?
  • We must bring glory to God, because all our hopes hang upon him.

My expectation is from him. Psalm 39:9

Body of Divinity by  Thomas Watson


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