Before I continue with I Take Thee I have several thoughts that have been stirred up because Pastor Rob’s messages on God’s Word and Same-Sex Marriage, Part 1 and Part 2. If you haven’t listened to these messages yet, it won’t be a waste of time to do so. Excellent and Christ-centered. Check in next week when I Take Thee continues.

RomanceRob and I are not as different as we used to be,

  • city boy…farm girl
  • he drinks milk, I drink coffee
  • he eats plain cheeseburgers, I eat Big Macs…well not very often
  • I love to walk…he doesn’t
  • I eat fruits and vegetables, his vegetable is in the vegetable oil in his donut!!

or maybe the love of God has permeated our marriage=extending grace when differences and selfishness want to take over. Our ideas of romance are very different and I for one have struggled as to how “I” think he should show romance to me. Surely I am not alone in this struggle am I? I certainly do not want the world to define romance but it has crept into the crevices of my heart in the past. Flowers, candlelight and romantic dinners with no kids in sight are gifts to treasure. But going into a guitar store with your spouse when you’d rather go next door to the candy store is a day in day out definition of romancing your loved one.

The S word…Submission…So much to say on the subject, but will save that for another time. But heard several questions posed today on a radio program. This is a wife speaking…

Is my husband intimidated by me? Have I so micromanaged him and my family that I am in total control of everything that is said and done in the household? Sure I will submit to you honey in the BIG things like packing up our family and moving cross country but what about day in day out submitting in the LITTLE things? Does my husband have any say?

OUCH! Yes, we are keepers of the home and can do many things at one time and should be managing our homes, but do I lovingly submit to my husband  as God has ordained? ‘Nuff said… we’ll come back to this someday. If any of my readers would like resources regarding this subject I would love to share with you.

And finally Prayer. Do I pray for my husband? I have been reading A Guide to Biblical Manhood.  Why? you ask. This book give lessons in biblical manhood using Adam, Job, David and Solomon, Jesus and Paul as examples of what kind of man God wants to mold. There is a guide for husbands, fathers and pastors. I have read this book using it as a tool on how I can pray for my husband. Here are a few of my book marks

We need men of God who are active and consistent in living out their faith.

We need men who will shoulder the weight of manhood as God designed it, who live it out day in and day out but will incline their manhood toward the Gospel.

We need men who are ultimately dependent on God, who lead spiritually, who serve the suffering, the poor and the fatherless.

A great resource on how to pray for our husbands. I also pray Psalm 119 for my husband.

It’s Friday and I can’t wait for the Michael Card Conference our church is hosting, which begins tonight and ends Sunday night with a concert. It will be a rich weekend, one I won’t soon forget. Another present from God to our congregation.