Intersecting Life and Faith


Psalm 119:17-24

Living and God’s Word go together, can’t have one without the other. v. 17

When I don’t desire God or His Word I can pray…

Gracious God, open my eyes that  I may contemplate your Wonderful Words. (v.18)

  • Do I live like a stranger on this earth?
  • Do I live like a pilgrim? like a wanderer or traveller to a foreign place? (
  • Or am I holding on tight to the things of this earth? (v.19)
  • Do I have an intense desire and affection for God’s Word? (v. 20) cf. Psalm 42:1-2
  • Is the Word of God the first place I turn to when needing counsel? or do I run to my best friend, spouse, co-worker before even thinking of God’s truth? (v. 24)

I have a cassette tape playing in my brain that won’t stop…saying why don’t I take God’s Word literally? And why when I know God’s Word is sufficient for all I need for life and godliness I get counsel everywhere else first? Why do I pick up the phone, or send an email or text my husband before I go to God? I say I believe, I write I believe, I proclaim His Name to others…

so why don’t I go to God’s Word first?

The bottom line for me has to be 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.

For when I am weak, then I am strong!


Merciful Heavenly Father, may your decrees be my delight and counselor. Lord I desire that my entire life be devoted to You and Your Glory. Help me be a woman of Your Book as I pilgrim on this earth walking toward my heavenly home.


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  1. Debbie

    Jody, I have been struggle for several months regarding work issues. It seemed the more I prayed for guidance the less I knew what to do. Yesterday my frustration with the job seemed to overwhelm me and I did not feel that my manager understood my position or what I was in the midst of trying to clear up. This week’s focus on the Word of God in your blog, particularly Friday’s reminded me that God’d Word is truth. My life’s goal is to lead a quiet life and to attend to my own business and work (1 Timothy 2: 2-3). When I reread that passage yesterday, I knew what God’s response to that situation. Especially regarding my manager who is not a Christian. When I met with my manager later in the afternoon, we were able to better understand the situation and form a plan going forward. Had I turned to my own feelings (of hurt, mistrust, anger, feeling like I did not know at all what I was doing) and spoke the lies hidden in my heart, the outcome would have been very different. God’s Word is Truth and there is no other way to respond to what seems like overwhelming circumstances. Thank you Jody for the reminder “God is Truth, His Word is True”.

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