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Are You Out of Your Element?

In the Happy, Happy, Happy post I shared with you I am studying, meditating and absorbing Psalm 119 this summer. I also have the privilege of teaching it to our women's Sunday School class these past few weeks. Several observations and questions:
  • Do I face everyday circumstances, even the mundane of housework, yard work, parenting, going to school, going to work __________ you fill in the blank, with a view to please the Lord by knowing and following His Word?
  • Do I seek God with ALL my heart? an exclusive and total devotion to God?
  • Psalm 119:4 says to keeps God's precepts diligently=exceedingly, to keep very much
  • Verse 18 "Open my eyes so that I may contemplate wonderful things from Your instruction." Not give me a plainer Bible but give me insight to know my Bible, only God can open my eyes.(ESV note)
  • Do I delight, rejoice, treasure, love, pursue, cling to God's Word?
Today we didn't get very far in our study of Psalm 119 because of two questions I posed: The first one was taken from  Ten years ago, did you expect that your life would be anything like it is today? I added the second--how has your life matured in the Lord in the last ten years? We had a great discussion how God has transformed us into women who want to be Christ-centered and others oriented. Even as Christians it is our tendency to be navel gazers rather than pouring our lives into those around us. Psalm 119:19 was a great way to wrap up our class time
I am a stranger on earth; do not hide Your commands from me.
I asked if we live as if we are so-journers, pilgrims, strangers on this earth? Do we live as if earth is our temporary residence and heaven is our home? I loved what one 'sister' shared regarding being a stranger in a strange land:
I am out of my element when I am a traveller.
We didn't have much time for discussion so will come back to this passage next week.
Is the pilgrim-spirit the pulse of my soul?(ESV note)

2 thoughts on “Are You Out of Your Element?

  1. I participated in the Sunday School class, and it was inspiring to hear the success and struggles of fellow Christians. Encouraging me to remember I am not alone and how great and powerful our God is.

    I will admit in the past I have flipped through Psalm 119, it seemed so repetative I usually skipped it. However, Jody has brought it to life revealing how it reflects our daily walk, and I am now eager to read ahead. Thank you Jody.

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