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Are You Out of Your Element?

In the Happy, Happy, Happy post I shared with you I am studying, meditating and absorbing Psalm 119 this summer. I also have the privilege of teaching it to our women’s Sunday School class these past few weeks.

Several observations and questions:

  • Do I face everyday circumstances, even the mundane of housework, yard work, parenting, going to school, going to work __________ you fill in the blank, with a view to please the Lord by knowing and following His Word?
  • Do I seek God with ALL my heart? an exclusive and total devotion to God?
  • Psalm 119:4 says to keeps God’s precepts diligently=exceedingly, to keep very much
  • Verse 18 “Open my eyes so that I may contemplate wonderful things from Your instruction.” Not give me a plainer Bible but give me insight to know my Bible, only God can open my eyes.(ESV note)
  • Do I delight, rejoice, treasure, love, pursue, cling to God’s Word?

Today we didn’t get very far in our study of Psalm 119 because of two questions I posed:

The first one was taken from  Ten years ago, did you expect that your life would be anything like it is today? I added the second–how has your life matured in the Lord in the last ten years?

We had a great discussion how God has transformed us into women who want to be Christ-centered and others oriented. Even as Christians it is our tendency to be navel gazers rather than pouring our lives into those around us.

Psalm 119:19 was a great way to wrap up our class time

I am a stranger on earth; do not hide Your commands from me.

I asked if we live as if we are so-journers, pilgrims, strangers on this earth? Do we live as if earth is our temporary residence and heaven is our home?

I loved what one ‘sister’ shared regarding being a stranger in a strange land:

I am out of my element when I am a traveller.

We didn’t have much time for discussion so will come back to this passage next week.

Is the pilgrim-spirit the pulse of my soul?(ESV note)




  1. Jody

    Thank you Dee for your words of encouragement. It is my humble delight to walk through Psalm 119 with you.

  2. Dee Butler

    I participated in the Sunday School class, and it was inspiring to hear the success and struggles of fellow Christians. Encouraging me to remember I am not alone and how great and powerful our God is.

    I will admit in the past I have flipped through Psalm 119, it seemed so repetative I usually skipped it. However, Jody has brought it to life revealing how it reflects our daily walk, and I am now eager to read ahead. Thank you Jody.

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