Tomorrow I head back to New York so I’m enjoying my last day with my mom. I love fall in Iowa where the harvest is in full swing!!

I read this book earlier this year. I love the gospel. I will be reading this book on an annual basis.

Gospel. n. (god, good + spel, news) good news of salvation for hell-deserving sinners through the Person and work of Jesus Christ.  Milton Vincent

A Gospel Primer for Christians and Jesus + Nothing= Everything.

I wish I could convey to you the importance of the gospel and the need for it everyday, not just at the point of salvation.

This book is offered as a handy guide to help Christians experience the gospel more fully by preaching it to themselves each day.

God did not give us His gospel just so we could embrace it and be converted. Actually, He offers it to us everyday as a gift that keeps on giving to us everything we need for life and godliness. God’s gifts are ALL of grace and there is nothing we can do to earn them. M. Vincent

A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent is a very short book of 97 pages. If I posted all the pages I’ve quoted I would be posting the book, but here is one…

The gospel encourages me to rest in my righteous standing with God, a standing which Christ Himself has accomplished and always maintains for me.(Romans 5:1-2,  1John 2:12) I never have to do a moment’s labor to gain or maintain my justified status before God! (Romans 4:5, Hebrews 4:3, Matthew 11:28). Freed from the burden of such a task, I now can put my energies into enjoying God, pursuing holiness, and ministering God’s amazing grace to others.

I just finished reading Jesus + Nothing= Everything. Another book I highlighted until the pages are now yellow rather than white.  2 books I will be reading every year learning and reminding myself that when I obeyed the gospel call I was both declared righteous and became a

…slave to righteousness(Romans 6:19) On my worst days of sin and failure, the gospel encourages me with God’s unrelenting grace toward me.(Romans 5:20) On my best days of victory and usefulness, the gospel keeps me relating to God solely on the basis of Jesus’ righteousness and not mine. (MV)

“They lose nothing who gain Christ.” –Samuel Rutherford