After several days of clouds and rain it is another sunny gorgeous day in central New York. I’m sitting on our deck under the umbrella my kids gave me for Mother’s Day and enjoying a summer breeze, no clouds in sight. Can’t believe it’s Friday again, seems like I was just saying it’s Monday again.

God has answered a couple of prayers that have been on my heart for awhile. Actually someone has been praying for me for the last year and her prayer was answered this week as sisters in Christ met over coffee…well she had a mocha frappe.

Yesterday I was having a pity party thinking now what Lord?.. as the kids continue to grow up. Kelsey turns 21 tomorrow and my babysitting job is coming to an end for the year. Toddler K is like one of my own and even though he has kept me on my toes this year, I will miss having him around this summer. This ‘now what Lord?’ has been on my mind for over a year. I spend many days walking and praying. I usually start my day by surrendering myself to the Lord and whatever may happen that day. I also pray the Lord would not only clean out the closets of my heart, but all the nooks and crannies of my dark heart that has been covered in the blood of Jesus’ righteousness.

Answered prayer came yesterday afternoon from a friend who is starting a new ministry and she said with tears in her eyes God had answered her prayers for help in this new adventure.

We pray…God hears…God answers…always!

This weekend we will celebrate Kelsey’s 21st birthday and Father’s Day. In looking for a picture or cartoon for this post I found the perfect comic that describes the father of my children perfectly.

Time marches on even when we wish it would stand still. My dad has been gone for 4 1/2 years and there are days it seems like yesterday. It’s not the desperate weeping of a loved one just gone, but the hole in my heart my dad filled is still there, it’s just not an open wound anymore…you know what I mean right?

Walk Humbly is a snippet about my dad.

Woodchucks and Going Barefoot is a story among many I’ve written here about my husband and father of Justin, Hannah, Kelsey and Lauren.

If you want to read and know more about the man I’ve known for 30+ years you can read the saga in  As The Parsonage Turns.