Intersecting Life and Faith

It is a quiet morning on the Gates hill, we live up the hill from our church and you can see our house from McDonalds. Gifts are under the tree, cookies are packaged and ready to be delivered and Johnny Mathis is singing The First Noel on the cd player.

Born is the King of Israel.

I’ve made my rounds in the blogsphere after reading the Most Important Word first. And I’m still thinking about Newtown, CT. Theories and speculation about the boy who cut short the life of many who were just beginning their life,  are starting to fill the news.

The article I just read which prompted this post was very helpful. I don’t know anything about the book she recommends, that is not the point of her post. It is her own story of her journey with a ‘square child( my words not hers) that does not fit in the round pegs of society. Children who, according to our culture, are different. And who defines different?

I’ve known and know children who have been ‘labeled’ because they hold their crayon different, or they are making noises when everyone else is listening, or _______________.

Shouldn’t I(we) embrace all children? Especially those who we have deemed as different than our own? Shouldn’t the community of believers we belong to be a place where we can leave all our children in the nursery, children’s church and Sunday School, and they will be loved and embraced with everyone else? What about the children who sit next to us in our pews that maybe a distraction to us? Our gospel preaching churches should be the very place where we love patiently and kindly the parents who are facing the gut wrenching trials of raising children who are different or who are rebelling and not following the same path as their parents.

This IS IN NO WAY an indictment against my own precious church. We love well at Lafayette Alliance.

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior may the church, the community of sinners who have been redeemed by Jesus Christ,  be a place where we can take off our masks with no fear of judgement and rejoice with those who rejoice when a child is doing well AND weep with those who weep when their child is living in far land, failing in school, in trouble with the law, struggling as a terrible two year old or crying because it happens to be nap time.

May we love well( 1 Corinthians 13), this Christmas season following the example of our Great God who gave because He loved.(John 3:16)



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  1. Terri

    Amen! As the mother of one of those children, I know how important this is not only to my son but to me, as his mother!

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