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Our my tendency is to worship the creation rather than the Creator. The worship of creation shows me far too often where my treasure lies. (Matthew 6:21)

Too many pity parties have been attended when a newborn wants to sleep during the day and cry at night. The party begins when the rest of the world is asleep and I’m the only who is awake during the midnight feeding. And my thoughts do not turn to the grace that is so readily available even in the dark of night. God has given me divine power today or at night for everything I need. (2 Peter 1:3-4)

Selfishness rears its ugly head when I want to rest on the couch for a few minutes but my 6 year old wants me to read him a story. Where is God’s grace then? Do I really believe God can help me overcome my navel gazing or is grace only available on Sunday morning?

Is the pursuit of righteousness, faith, love, and peace(2 Timothy 2:22)possible when teenagers don’t come home at night,  or the check book doesn’t balance because there’s no money to balance?

Most days are full of preaching the gospel to myself and today was no different as child #3 packed her car and a friend’s truck to move. She will be moving in with her sister, a.k.a mom#2, working and going to school. I miss her already, and there have been a few tears, ok more than a few. But I have also had the comfort of knowing God’s Word is true, I cannot love my children more than Jesus. (Matthew 10:37)

And love them I do. I have spent almost 27 years loving them. But I never want to idolize them, putting them in the place of God, worshipping the creation rather than the creator.








  1. Terri

    Good thoughts! It really is easy for us mothers to idolize our children and put them in the wrong position! I appreciate your post today as Stephen started his first day of classes!

  2. judy gates

    I appreciate that statement, Never want to idolize them. It is my constant struggle. I do understand that and yet constantly have to take my thoughts captive and trust in the creator rather than the creation!!! Your children are so fortunate for the Godly example you have presented them over these past many many years. xo and a tissue from me.

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