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Vacation ’12

Rather than bore you with all the pictures I took on our vacation in Washington DC, I will share a few sites that meant the most to me. You really have to see DC for yourself to appreciate our nation’s great capital.

I think you could spend a month taking in all the sites, memorials and museums and still not see it all.

We stayed in Lorton, VA at Pohick Bay Regional Park on the Potomac River,where our friends had made reservations to camp. We stayed in a ‘rustic’ cabin

Leaving our campground we headed to the Washington DC Metro Station, an experience in itself, not as bad as the NYC subway system.

Arriving in downtown DC we took the trolley to all our stops for two days. I can’t say enough good about Old Town Trolleys. We were able to see the sights getting on and off the trolley as many times as we wanted throughout our 2-day stay.

The back yard of The White House with Pennsylvania Avenue running in front of it. We needed tickets to go onto the grounds, which we didn’t have. Visiting here was a highlight. I may not always agree with the politics of who is living in the White House, but this is still a great place to visit.

Don’t know who these people are posing…. didn’t know they were in my picture until I posted it here. Our capital building. Again, don’t always like politics, but this is OUR capital and I loved being there.

No one I know, but three people going to whatever length they could to get the name of their loved one off the Vietnam War Memorial. We also saw Lincoln Memorial here, with the Korean War Memorial and WW II Memorial all in the same area. It was the end of the day and the trolley was waiting, so we only saw this one and Lincoln Memorial.

Tomb of the unknown soldier at Arlington Cemetery. We did see the changing of the guard, a very moving ceremony. The sights of Arlington Cemetery brought tears as I saw for myself the price that has been paid for my freedom and thankful my son made it home safe when he served his country several years ago.

You can read here how this trip came to be.



  1. Shaun Standford

    Hi, Jody. I loved your pictures from D.C. They brought back happy and moving memories of my own visits there, including actually singing at the White House on two occassions with The Master’s Touch Chorale. Those were exciting experiences!

    I also appreciated you sharing in your other blog about your friendship with Lisa and her husband and how your trip came to be. You called it a “present from God”. Those words are significant to me at the moment as they are the theme of something that God has been teaching me just this past week. But, when I read your title and your article, I felt God’s confirmation that I am on the right track. Thank you for posting. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you!

  2. Audrey

    The first time I was in DC President Kennedy was in office and the day we toured the White House he was actually in the White House working on a speech he was going to be giving. We went back the following year with heavy hearts as we visited his grave at Arlington. It was a lone flame in a mound of dirt. The simplicity of it was very moving. I was almost disappointed when I returned again years later and saw the finished memorial.

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