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He Pops the ?????

Please read I Take Thee to get caught up as I continue telling our story.

It seemed like years that Rob and I had not spoken. Graduating in May of 1984, previous to that we (I) had broke our engagement, going our separate ways. When he called in the late fall of that same year, I was stunned. Again, I wish I could remember the details of our first conversation, maybe he can, but letters were exchanged and long phone calls followed.

He was on his way to pastor in the hair spray capital of the world…Kansas, he wanted to come see me before he made his way there. When I told my mom, she smiled with suspicion in her eyes, asking why he was coming to visit. We’re just friends and he wants to come see me.  I was on pins and needles as the weekend approached for him to arrive. And equally disappointed when he called to say he would not have time to make the trip, he was anxious to begin his first job and time was short. I can still feel the weight of discouragement and disappointment as I felt left behind again.

Weeks passed without any contact until he called late one June night. Engaging in small talk he finally said

I really don’t like the way our relationship is going and I think things need to change.(Here we go again I thought)

This was all news to me as I wasn’t aware of any relationship. His next words left me speechless as he said on the phone over 500 miles away

Will you marry me?


  1. Terri

    Love the title! I thought, “Days of our Long and Boring Lives With Just Enough Excitement to Send Us Over the Edge” might be too long. 😉

  2. Jody

    Thanks to my friend Terri who always keeps me laughing and looking to Jesus, I have re-named I Take Thee to As The Parsonage Turns!!

  3. Terri

    Love these episodes! It’s like a soap opera without all the murder and mayhem! LOL!!!

    Looking forward to the next one.

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