Not My Birthday Yet

Overwhelmed does not even begin to explain what I'm feeling right now.  My family, my dear family planned and executed a surprise 50th birthday party today...and it's not even my birthday yet. Because I didn't know where I was headed this afternoon I did not know I would need a camera so I hope to get pictures from those who knew where I was headed this afternoon. These pictures are the gifts I received, I am again...overwhelmed with the generosity of my family and friends. Thank you!

Gifts Galore!

More cards and gifts.

My sister Janet burned 'Family' into corncrib wood from our family farm. The planter is from my Iowa family delivered to the party.

Rob gave me the Kindle Fire. Like I! I may have a NOOK for sale!

More pictures coming soon.

6 thoughts on “Not My Birthday Yet

  1. Happy Birthday Jody! Glad you were surprised, blessed and “loved on” . Very special for a very special you.

  2. You will LOVE your Kindle Fire! It is exactly like my Nook Color! Enjoy! Sounds like a fun-fun day of surprises. You are blessed, and not by worldly standards of gifts and things. You are a daughter of the KING! 🙂

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