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Monday Morning

Another Monday has dared to show itself…

I typically enjoy the start of a new week, but this morning I’m fighting off a bad cold that wants to turn to strep…I can feel it coming on. So I’m downing Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex to keep those nasty germs from making a home in my body. Coffee helps too.

The Sunday School class I teach has been in the book of John for eighteen months and we are only half way through the book. We did take the summer off but still…long time to be in one book of the Bible, or is it?

Yesterday gave me a glimpse as to why we are still plodding through this great book about Jesus lover of our souls who wants to teach us how to follow him…radically.

The two verses we camped on was John 12:25-26

The one who loves his life will lose it, and the one who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. If anyone serves Me, he must follow Me. Where I am, there My servant also will be. If anyone serves Me, the Father will honor him.

Huh? lose my life? hate this world?

Discussion among the women around the table was lively as we discussed what it means to follow Jesus to the cross. These verses are in the context of Jesus looking ahead to his arrest, trial and crucifixion.

Following Jesus requires walking in the shadow of the cross, not one time at the point of salvation, but every single day.

  • What do I delight in?
  • Do I delight in this life more than I delight in God?
  • Am I selfless, self-sacrificing, making more of God than anything else?

Practically, what does walking in the shadow of the cross mean for me everyday? I know what it means for me and will look different for each one of us. But am I a radical follower of Jesus? Can the beauty of Jesus be seen when I sit in my house, when I walk along the road, when I lie down and when I get up? (Deuteronomy 6:6-7)

I truly want to be radical, obsessed with Jesus. If I die today I want it said at my funeral I loved Jesus most of all, that around town I was known as a woman of noble character.(Ruth 3:11) May that be true of all us who have decided to follow Jesus…radically.

Good riddance Monday morning blahhhhhhhhhs!



  1. Tim

    Doppelganger is one of my favorite words, Aimee! It’s fun to say, especially when I get to say it really loudly. Try it now. I bet it makes you laugh (especially if you use an outrageously overbroad German accent)!


  2. Tim

    Sorry to hear you’re feeling poorly Jody! You made me laugh with this part, though: “So I’m downing Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex to keep those nasty germs from making a home in my body. Coffee helps too.” Coffee, one of God’s great blessings!

    I also really appreciate the three buillet point questions. Good opportunity to reflect there.

    Hope you’re better soon,

    P.S. I followed you over from Aimee’s blog. Doesn’t she have a great site there? She even let me do a guest Piece last month (which may have lowered the property values a bit but I’m grateful all the same):

  3. Aimee Byrd

    Whoa, Jody, double-take! I guess you’re my blogging doppelganger 🙂 Thanks for the uplift–I had the Monday blahs today as well!

  4. Elaine W. Miller

    So true. When we die to this life is when we truly live! Even on Mondays. Hope you are feeling better, sweet sister. Praying for you.

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