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Spring Refresh

“What happens in Auburn, NY stays in Auburn.” I heard that a lot over the weekend as I spent most of it with 8 other women from our church enjoying our District Women’s Conference, Spring Refresh. It was so fun getting to know these sisters in Christ better. We laughed until we cried, ate delicious food including a Colossal Cream Puff and a thin slice of decadent chocolate cake. Yes, I ate it but still watched my portions.
Friday night I was ready for bed when I heard very loud “talking” in the halls, like a herd of elephants moving through. I thought to myself it was time for the teenagers to quiet down and go to bed. Little did I know it was my own friends coming to invite me to their room where the party was just getting started at 10:30 PM. I hesitated for a couple of seconds, then put my jean jacket over my night gown and headed next door. Thankfully there were 200 women filling the hotel…no men in sight.

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.
Proverbs 17:22
There were bags of candy, raspberry filled Dove dark chocolate, cookies and a bag of pears(which were never opened), to munch on while we told stories, laughed some more, talked about our hubbies(all good dear!) and laughed some more. This picture isn’t one of us, but portrays how much we laughed. Three hours later I made my way back to my room where I got five hours of sleep.


Thanks friends for the awesome time. You know you want to go next year…ladies only.
And….Spring has finally sprung in Lafayette, our 190 inches of snow is history!


  1. Gigi

    Was looking for the link to my *Prayerful* giveaway, but didn't find it…did I miss it?!

  2. jeanh

    Jody, That sounds so fun!

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