I received the following text message this week…

I would love to get your perspective as a mom since you have been in the trenches longer than I have.

I think she was saying I was old. Haha

So many books have been written on the age old topic of mothering so I won’t get on another soapbox. I think I’ve done that enough this week.

I told a mom friend this morning, ‘it goes faster than you think’. Children in the home that is. She is busy taxiing teenagers and chasing a three year old. I was doing the same thing several years ago. Other mothers would say ‘don’t blink, your children will be grown’ or ‘enjoy them now, they will be gone soon.’ Now I’m saying the exact same things because they are true.

**J,H,K, are now 24, almost 23 and 20. But when they were 4, 3 and newborn I was wondering if I would ever come out of the trench. Endless diapering, potty training, cooking and cleaning, my head is still spinning. Just when I thought I would have some ‘me’ time,(a myth by the way), they became 15, 14, 11 and my van became a taxi. I was looking for a barrel to put them in and nail the lid on. I’m only kidding, but there were days…

Then Lauren was born and our joy was complete. **J,H, K are moved out as of this summer. All three are working hard, enjoying their independence trying to navigate this thing called life. Rob and I are so proud of the young people they have become. There were many days I thought I would never see the light of day and come out of the trench but God used and is using my life as the mother of four children He gave me for His Purposes(not mine), teaching me to die to self, to just do the next thing and depend on my Lord for absolutely everything.

Today I am trusting God to take care of them which has deepened my relationship with God and them. I no longer play the Holy Spirit in their life…well most of the time I try not to! The most important thing I have done and will do for them is pray for them day in and day out throughout the day. Which would be my advice for wherever you are as a mother today.

Press on dear mothers you will be glad you did.

Thursday morning addtion–Lauren is blossoming into a beautiful young woman. She was born when I was…well older. Justin is 12 years older than her. My experience with her has been totally different than the older three. God continues to shower His grace on me with the gift of children. I am rich.









**Justin, Hannah, Kelsey