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January ’11 Reflections

“People let me tell you ’bout my best friend,…” 
I have thought about the question-who are your 25-year friends?
The first person to come to mind was my childhood friend Lori who has become a dear sister in Christ over the years. Our mothers were childhood friends acting more like sisters my mom said recently. Lori and I, and my two sisters grew up together playing at each other’s homes while our parents played cards laughing till they cried. We did some vacationing together at the Iowa State Fair camping in an old school bus Lori’s parents had renovated for camping. My bed was in the aisle on the floor. We went our separate ways after highschool except for participitating in our respective weddings. Too many years passed before we saw each other again and were really bound as sisters in Christ when my dad passed away three years ago with her shoulder being the one I sobbed on for I don’t know how long. These past three years have been rich and sweet as we have shared our lives through blogging, email, texting and drinking many cups of coffee when I go to Iowa to visit my family.It was a present from God on my last visit that we flew into the same airport at the same time when she was just returning from her trip to Ghana.  Thank you dear friend for being my third sister. Which brings me to the second thought I had when I saw this blog prompt….my two sisters.

Julie and Janet and myself(Jody), not sure why our parents used the three J’s but glad they did, were born very close together. Three years separate us. We spent a lot of time together roaming our farm, chasing mean tom cats, being chased by a bad, bad rooster and mowing the large yards of our grandparents and parents. We rode to school together, played some of the same sports and had fun together as we stood up for each other in our weddings. We now love to spend time together with our families every chance we get back at the farm. They are my biological sisters given to me by God, but they have become dearest friends that would do anything for me. One last 25 + year friend is my husband Rob.
We have known each other since 1980, long time ago. We started college together, dated and spent time together, broke up, graduated from college, then married a year later. Long story for another time. He has to be my closed best friend, truly, not just a cliche’. For many reasons I have already stated in other blog posts I will just link them rather than re-write what he is to me.
There are other 25-year friends God has graciously given me and I am thankful for each one. Priceless and abundant, I am rich!


  1. Susanna Rose

    Great friends are priceless!!:)

  2. Lori

    wonderful memories…thanks for the kind words…I am an only child, so I cherish my family of God :D.

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