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Five Stars-A Book Review

My initial thoughts of another book about the elusive search for contentment were less than enthusiastic. I have read several books on the subject and I wondered what Stephen Altrogge author of The Greener Grass Conspiracy could add to my quest of finding contentment on my side of the fence.
After reading page one I knew this book was written for me and anyone else who has a sinful, discontented heart which Jesus says is true of all of us in Mark 7:21-23. It is the nature of men(and women) to try and find contentment outside of Christ filling our hearts, minds and souls with what the world has to offer.
 I agree with the author, the problem is me.
Mr. Altrogge points the reader in the right direction from the very beginning by explaining

This grand conspiracy of the world, Satan, and my heart is called the Greener Grass Conspiracy. Their objective? To have me always believing that the grass is greener somewhere else, always wishing for a brighter tomorrow without ever enjoying where God has me today.”

I read this book in a few hours with the content easy to digest. I was excited to see questions at the end of each chapter, enabling the reader to get to the heart of discontentment in their own life instead of breezing through another book and placing it on the shelf with the rest of books on contentment.
The author goes on to say he is not the center of the universe, nor am I. He addresses what biblical contentment is rooted in, what are some of the idols in our lives, how the gifts God does give us are meant to point us to the Giver, with additional chapters on how to endure the thorns in our lives, the evil of complaining and how to count our blessings.
This book is different from some of the others taking up space on my dusty shelf because the transparency of the author who writes in first person telling the reader he has not arrived. It was refreshing to read along with someone who is still on the journey encouraging me that it is possible to be content in Christ everyday and shake off the conspiracy of greener grass.
This book is a welcome addition to my library with chapters just right in length. I will be re-reading it going over the questions again. Anyone reading this book will be encouraged to find that contentment in Christ is attainable.
I give this book five stars highly recommending  The Greener Grass Conspiracy.

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  1. Lori

    Sounds good. I tried to find it on B & N but not on yet.

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