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Christmas ’10

I picked up my camera this past week and found Christmas pictures I had forgotten were taken. The holidays were a whirlwind, then I left for a week early in January to head to my mom’s with one of my daughters. And I’ve had no desire to take any pictures of our winter. My guess is that you have seen our 113 inches of snow, TEN FEET of snow on the news, and winter still has two months at least! Although this morning it is sunny with the snow glistening like white glitter on the ground. Better late than never in sharing holiday pics!

Justin REALLY getting into a Wii game. Lauren finally got one for Christmas
Justin still playing with Lauren trying to join in
Kelsey and Matt doing some Christmas Eve reading


One of these days I will be the shortest one of the bunch
My favorite females!!!
Christmas Eve after our Candlelight Service, before all wrapping paper took over the living room?

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  1. Lori

    Love seeing your entire family together. You do live with a bunch of tall people! YIKES.

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