Trying to keep up with daily blogging will be interesting for the next couple of weeks. My life is very full this week before I leave for a few days in Iowa on the family farm. Today I took Kelsey back to college so she could start volleyball practice.

She now poses for pictures because she knows it may end up on my blog. She is now an avid reader!
Lauren went along for the ride, there was barely room for her as she is packed in among all of Kelsey’s stuff.
Yesterday I kept a promise I made to Kelsey while she was still in Italy. She wanted me to go with her to this sushi restaurant before she went back to college. I like some sushi, but to be honest, I was hoping she would change her mind and we’d just go to the chinese buffet. Nothing doing.
Monday’s is half off. After waiting in line for about an hour we were seated at a bar. A conveyer belt runs in front of the customer and you pick up what plate you want. You can see the plates are colored on the bar with the price of each plate listed at the bottom. There is a lot to choose from, much of it topped with raw fish eggs(caviar). NOT!!!
I am very glad Kelsey insisted we go. It is a unique dining experience downtown Syracuse is always a fun place to be.
Hannah and Kelsey are back to school. Lauren doesn’t go back until after Labor Day. I can’t believe the summer is almost over with. It doesn’t seem that long ago I posted about our summer activities. I have spent a lot of time writing and posting pictures of our family, but as a wife and mother it is an area of my life that is very important and I strive to do it all to the glory of God. I hope I haven’t bored you too much with my 2010 Summer, but if I were still keeping a journal this is what I would be writing about. My blog is just my online journal of the life God has called me to live and the many blessings and gifts He brings into it.